What are CW Puzzles

This site has a collection of CW Puzzles that test your ability to copy Morse code (also known as CW). Each Puzzle has been curated and contains some specific challenge that makes it difficult to copy CW.


The CW Puzzle files marked as ARRL are courtesy of ARRL/W1AW
You can test your ability to copy noisy CW at different speed and noise levels over here

How do I use this site?

When you select the Puzzle you can listen the audio by clicking Play/Pause button. You can enter what you heard on the line above the graphical audio view. By pressing Check button the system will calculate your accuracy compared to "ground truth" text.
You can use the Zoom functionality to view the audio clip manually. Sometimes it may be easier to visually check the signal. There is also a Toggle Mute button that will toggle the audio on and off.
You can sign up to DeepMorse website using this link: Sign Up

I hope you enjoy using DeepMorse website and listening the CW Puzzles.
73 de AG1LE